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The City of Tecumseh will accept sealed Request for Proposal’s on Redesign, Development and Hosting of the City of Tecumseh Website.
Sealed RFP’s must be submitted to City Clerk, 114 N. Broadway - Tecumseh, OK 74873. RFP’s will be accepted until June 26, 2019 @ 9:00a.m.
RFP’s must be marked on outside of envelope “Proposal for City Website”. Inside of RFP should contain amount of RFP, General Liability and Bidder’s contact information. The City has the right to accept or reject any and all RFP’s.

Redesign, Development and Hosting of the
City of Tecumseh Website

Issued by City of Tecumseh
May 30, 2019

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Table of Contents
1 Introduction 4
1.1 Overview 4
1.2 About City of Tecumseh 4
1.3 Project Timeline 5
1.4 Local City of Tecumseh Contact Information 5
1.5 RFP Inquiries 5
1.6 Terms of Service 6
2 Goals and Background 7
2.1 Project Objectives and Goals 7
2.2 Target Audiences 8
2.3 Our Current Environment 9
3 Scope of Work 10
3.1 Vendor Experience and Development Criteria 10
3.2 User Experience (UX) and Design Process 10
3.3 Content Preparation, Website Development and Go-Live 11
3.4 Responsive Website Expertise 11
3.5 Robust System Functionality 12
3.6 System Administration 14
3.7 CMS Core Features 14
3.7 Ongoing Services 18
3.8 Technology/Platform Requirements 19
3.9 Maintenance and Support 19
3.10 Optional Services 20
4 Evaluation of Proposals 21
4.1 Evaluation of Submitted Proposals 21
4.2 Evaluation Criteria 22
4.4 Interviews and Demonstrations 22
4.5 Recommendation for Award 22
4.6 Contract Discussions 22
4.7 Notice of Award 22
5 Vendor Qualifications and Obligations 22
5.1 Documents to Be Submitted 23
5.2 Pending Litigation 28
6 Submission Format and Delivery Requirements 29
6.1 Proposal Response Delivery 29
6.2 Date and Hour of Submission 29
6.3 Acceptance or Rejection of Submissions 29
6.4 Costs for Document Development 29
6.5 Proposal Validity 29
6.6 Contract Evaluation and Award 29
7 Contract Negotiation and Execution 30
7.1 Proposal Submission Certification 30
7.2 Insurance Requirements 30

1 Introduction

1.1 Overview
The City of Tecumseh has issued this Request for Proposal (RFP) in order to select and contract with a company (“vendor”) to create a new website for that is a modern, highly attractive and built with responsive web design.

The City of Tecumseh type is seeking proposals from highly qualified, experienced website development companies to design, develop and implement its public-facing website. The chosen strategic partner must be a firm that has experience in managing local government website design projects, and expertise with best practices regarding:
• successful data-driven website redesign
• user experience (UX) and usability testing
• information architecture
• website development and deployment
• website hosting
• disaster recovery
• content strategy
• social media integration
• search engine optimization
• responsive design

This RFP does not obligate the City of Tecumseh to award a contract or complete the project and the City of Tecumseh reserves the right to cancel the solicitation if it is considered to be in its best interest.

1.2 About City of Tecumseh
The City of Tecumseh is located approximately…

The population estimate… 6,400

The City of Tecumseh’s organizational structure consists of… municipal government with 10 departments, and 50 employees.

The current website was developed… by a local citizen.

1.3 Project Timeline

Project Timeline Dates
RFP Release Date

Written Questions Due 5-10-2019
Response to Vendor Questions 5-13-2019
Proposal Deadline 5-26-2019
Completion of Proposal Evaluations 5-27-2019
Presentations by Selected Vendors
Final Vendor Selection 5-27-2019
Anticipated Website Launch 11-1-2019

1.4 City of Tecumseh Contact Information
This RFP is issued by City of Tecumseh, 114 N Broadway, Tecumseh, OK 74873.

The points of contact for all questions or requests for additional information are:

Technical Inquiry Contact: Contracting Contact:
Walt Rose Cathy Condit
City of Tecumseh City of Tecumseh
114 N Braodway 114 N Broadway
Tecumseh, Ok 74873 Tecumseh, Ok 74873 or Email:

All contact with personnel employed by the City of Tecumseh except for the contact persons named above with respect to this RFP shall be prohibited. Improper contact may constitute grounds for rejection of your proposal.

1.5 RFP Inquiries
All inquiries regarding this RFP including requests for additional information or clarification and proposed modifications or amendments to the RFP must be submitted in writing in accordance with 1.4 above. All inquiries must be received no later than time on date and must be labeled “City of Tecumseh Website Design, Development and Hosting” Each inquiry must include the inquirer’s name, firm, telephone number and email address. Each inquiry should begin by referencing the RFP page number and section to which it relates.

The City of Tecumseh will attempt to provide any assistance or additional information of a reasonable nature that may be requested by interested vendors. Telephone calls will not be accepted regarding this RFP.

Inquiries received after 5-26-2019, 9:00 a.m. deadline will not be considered. All inquiries received before the deadline will be compiled.

Responses to inquiries will be posted on the City of Tecumseh’s RFP website, located at

1.6 Terms of Service
The City of Tecumseh wishes to engage a vendor for the duration of this project and for any needed on-going maintenance services. Specific deliverables related to the scope of work for this project will be included in the final agreement.

2 Goals and Background

2.1 Project Objectives and Goals
The primary objectives and goals of the website redesign are as follows:

2.1.1 Interactive, Inviting and Engaging Website – We are seeking to redesign our website that is interactive, inviting and promotes engagement. In addition, the website should allow residents, visitors and business partners to complete their tasks quickly and easily regardless of the device they are using to access the site.
2.1.2 Purpose of our New Website – Our new website should:
• Serve the needs of all users by letting them easily find what they are seeking, providing them with access to key services on a 24×7 basis, allowing them to share information and interact with our staff.
• Represent or brand our community for residents, visitors, businesses and elected officials, and showcase our community in a way that highlights why this is a great place to live, visit and do business.
• Provide a pleasant and delightful experience to all users by making it easy for them to complete their tasks or find what they want in a straightforward manner.
• Focus on making content that is useful, interactive and engaging.
• Promote transparency of our local government by making it easy for us to share and post information, and for our users to find and interact with the information.
• Build a foundation that can adapt and evolve as our community’s needs change over the near and long-term.
2.1.3 Customer Experience – We take a broad customer-centric view of our community since we view anyone who visits our website or community as a customer. Our website is our digital front door and our goal is to focus on the needs of our customers, and on improving our interactions and engagement with our customer base. We want a partner that can help us:
• Determine and profile who our customers are
• Identify what they need and how to deliver it to them in a way that will leave them satisfied in their government’s efficiency
• Build engagement in our community because of the positive feeling they developed through interactions with us.
2.1.4 Strategic Partnership – We want a vendor partner who understands the local government market, who will help guide us to where we want to be today, and provide ongoing services and support to keep us there in the future.
2.1.5 Research-Based Design – We want a site that meets the unique needs of our community, and are not looking for a cookie-cutter or templated solution. Our vendor should employ a strategic research-based and data-driven process to gather input, define expectations and design a consistent, user-friendly navigation framework for the website that meets the needs of all users.
2.1.6 Content Strategy – Content strategy is as important to us as a great-looking website, and we are looking for a partner who has a strategy for migrating, developing and updating content, and a plan for training our web contributors to write for the web.
2.1.7 Responsive and Customizable Mobile View – Visitors to our site will utilize a wide variety of devices to access our website, including computers, tablets and mobile smart phones. Our new website should automatically detect the screen resolution of any device and respond with a view of the site that is optimized specifically for that screen. This will ensure that all users will be able to view our site, no matter what device they are using. In addition, the solution be able to preview the mobile view across different devices and the ability to design and customize a better user experience for mobile users by allowing us to move, hide and reorder content to create an optimized mobile view of our website.
2.1.8 Accessible Site – Our new website should comply with World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 (Level AA compliance) and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. In addition, the vendor should follow best practices, voluntary standards and guidelines developed by the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), and train our users in creating accessible content.
2.1.9 Flexible Solution – The new site should build upon proven and accepted website development standards while maintaining flexibility to easily grow and add new functionality over time and with minimal cost. The solution should also accommodate existing auxiliary department sites to maintain a unique look and feel, but share overall infrastructure and features.
2.1.10 Robust Hosting Environment – we are seeking a hosted website solution that should include:
• Guaranteed uptime of 99.9% backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA)
• Hosting in SSAE 16 Type II compliant data centers with redundancies for ISP providers, power and backups.
• Full disaster recovery to a backup data center with less than 90 minutes site restoration and less than 15 minutes data replication
• Complete Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation solution to detect and mitigate malicious cyber attacks.
• Option for premium disaster recovery solution that limits potential outages to 5 minutes or less.
2.1.11 Evolutionary SaaS Solution – The vendor’s hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) content management solution (CMS) should be in a state of constant evolution and improvement. The annual subscription fee should cover ongoing support plus regular monthly updates and improvements to existing features of the CMS and incorporate new enhancements and features over time. This will enable us to adapt to an evolving marketplace and for our site to continually meet our customers’ needs.
2.1.12 Simplify and Streamline Administration – The solution should:
• Simplify website administration, allowing users of all skill levels to update assigned sections of the website.
• Streamline business operations and reduce the amount of time that IT spends on enhancing and maintaining the site.
• Be easy to maintain for our administrators and content creators

2.2 Target Audiences
Audiences served by the website will include:

2.2.1 Residents and potential residents of varying backgrounds, reading and language ability
2.2.2 Potential visitors to the community
2.2.3 Businesses operating in the community and/or businesses looking to relocate to the community
2.2.4 State/local government and non-profit agencies that support and complement our community’s business
2.2.5 Elected and appointed officials
2.2.6 Community members and organizations
2.2.7 Local and national media
2.2.8 Local school districts and students
2.2.9 Land owners and developers (resident and non-resident)

2.3 Our Current Environment
This is a summary of our existing website environment:

2.3.1 Existing Website – The existing website was launched in…Don’t have much information on this.
2.3.2 Content Management – The website consists of web pages managed by approximately…2 people as far as I’m aware of.
2.3.3 Content Strategy – Approximately 50 (?) pages are managed through the content management system. We anticipate a significant reduction of the number of pages on the new website and would like vendors to provide best practices and possibly, additional training or consulting services, for content strategy. Vendors should also provide best practices and suggestions for developing content with plain language standards.
2.3.4 Website Documents – The site contains approximately Don’t know this documents (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF).
2.3.5 Website Platform – The site has been developed with…
2.3.6 Website Hosting – The site is hosted… where is it hosted, who hosts it, who manages the hosting, etc. Walt Rose should have this information when you contact him.

3 Scope of Work

3.1 Vendor Experience and Development Criteria
Preference will be given to vendors with experience developing local government websites, with special attention given to vendors’ breadth of experience, references, number of years of experience and expertise of staff.
Additional development criteria include:
3.1.1 Collaborative Effort – The website will be developed through the cooperation of the City of Tecumseh and the vendor, and facilitated under the supervision of a dedicated project management professional in the direct employ of the vendor.
3.1.2 Skilled Team – Vendor will supply a team of user experience, design and development professionals to supplement the development process led by the project manager. This team should include staff members skilled in local government website user experience, navigation and information architecture, local government website design, accessibility, and support and training of the content management system.
3.1.3 Proven Development Process – Vendor should have a proven development process and flexible timeline structure that favors the availability and time commitment of the City of Tecumseh.
3.1.4 Proven Content Management System – The proposed content management software must be a proven platform for website development and local government website architecture. Development that is requested and approved by the City of Tecumseh should be performed by the vendor utilizing agile software development methodologies that encourage collaboration between the developer and the City of Tecumseh.
3.1.5 Internal Development Staff – The City of Tecumseh prefers a vendor utilizing its own development staff rather than subcontracting pieces of the project development to additional vendors.

3.2 User Experience (UX) and Design Process
The vendor should utilize a data-driven user experience (UX) design process to gather information to complete a comprehensive redesign of our website.

The techniques should include the best practices of usability and user experience:
3.2.1 Stakeholder survey – the vendor should survey key stakeholders – elected officials, managers, content creators, internal users – from our City of Tecumseh with the purpose of validating goals and tasks for the new website.
3.2.2 Online community survey – the vendor should utilize an online community survey to gather key information about the level of satisfaction and to determine the most common tasks and potential goals of users.
3.2.3 Homepage heat mapping – the vendor should use heat mapping to collect information about every action taken on the current site to review functionality and behavior. The heat mapping should include where people have clicked, scrolled and hovered on the page.
3.2.4 Accessibility validation (WCAG 2.0) – the vendor should analyze the accessibility of the current site and make recommendations for the new site.
3.2.5 Site analytics – the vendor should utilize historical site analytics to understand patterns and information useful to the development of the new site.
3.2.6 Mobile usability – the vendor should analyze the current site for mobile usability and review the mobile site statistics to understand the needs of the current visitors.
3.2.7 User usability testing – usability testing allows vendor to conduct user research with participants in their natural environment to test interaction and identify issues with navigation and layout.

The result of the usability design study should be a written report with design recommendations and a wireframe version of the proposed new website that will be used to develop homepage and interior page design concepts by your design team.

The design of the website should be based on the outcome of the usability report and should be welcoming and attractive, while meeting the needs of our community. The final version of the design should be a collaborative effort between the City of Tecumseh and the vendor, incorporating elements that effectively represent the City of Tecumseh’s brand and image through a data-driven and consultative development process.

Specifically, the design guidelines should also include:
3.2.8 Accessibility Review – Website design and associated elements should comply with WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act – especially for color contrast and text sizes.
3.2.9 Consistent Website Design – Website design must remain consistent throughout all pages to maximize usability, except where differentiating between departments or sections of the website as requested by the City of Tecumseh.
3.2.10 Design Overview – Website design must be visually appealing, incorporating the City of Tecumseh’s colors and logo where appropriate.
3.2.11 Design Process – The vendor shall develop an original design for the City of Tecumseh and over a period of time during the development of the website, consult with key members of the City of Tecumseh’s website redesign committee to make revisions and alterations to the vendor’s original design submission.
3.2.12 Easy Updating – Design elements should include background images, photographs, logos and buttons that are easily updated or swapped out by our staff at any time and without incurring any additional implementation or update charges.
3.2.13 Website Design and Content Ownership – Ownership of the website design and all content should be transferred to the City of Tecumseh upon completion of the project.

3.3 Content Preparation, Website Development and Go-Live
The vendor should define their process for preparing content, development of the actual website and preparing for the go-live date. It should be clear what will occur in each phase and identify both vendor and client deliverables.

3.4 Responsive Website Expertise
We recognize that there are two ways to build a responsive website – using responsive design and adaptive design. Responsive design provides one layout that fluidly changes depending on the size of the screen. Adaptive design has several distinct layouts for multiple screen sizes that is built for the distinct needs of that device. We are seeking a vendor partner who has experience in both approaches and who will recommend the best solution for our needs.

The vendor is expected to produce a responsive website for the City of Tecumseh to meet the needs of users accessing the site on a variety of devices, including computers, tablets and smart phones. Vendor must have proven success in previous responsive design projects. The solution should automatically detect the screen resolution of any device and respond with a view of the site that is optimized specifically for that screen. This will ensure that all users will be able to view our site, no matter what device they are using.

In addition, the solution be able to preview the mobile view across different devices and the ability to design and customize a better user experience for mobile users by allowing us to move, hide and reorder content to create an optimized mobile view of our website.

The project is expected to include:
3.4.0 Clean visual design incorporating the City of Tecumseh’s logo and branding as identified in 3.2.
3.4.1 Responsive site creation that includes, but not limited to:
3.4.1 Creation of responsive templates
3.4.2 Creation of fluid grids
3.4.3 Navigation redesign
3.4.4 Taxonomy and site map
3.4.5 Image adjustments
3.4.6 Mobile page preview for smartphones, tablets and other devices
3.4.7 Ability to adjust or modify responsive views on individual pages or templates

3.5 Robust System Functionality
The vendor’s proposed content management system (CMS) should be a web-based application that provides the core of the entire development process, being both the platform for development and the tool by which system administrators and contributors can update the new website. The CMS may feature plug-in applications or modules that enhance the functionality of the website, though core features should center around ease-of-use, flexibility and, for ongoing stability, an established information architecture and hosting environment.

The CMS must allow non-technical content contributors the following abilities:

3.5.0 Administrative Dashboard – The administrative portion of the CMS shall be accessible for all content contributors and feature a customizable interface that displays critical shortcuts, on-site items that require attention, recent activity logs and an internal messaging system that displays administrative messages and updated information.
3.5.1 Automatic Sitemap – The CMS should automatically create and update a sitemap and on-page breadcrumbs when content is added, edited or removed from the site.
3.5.2 Content Expiration – Notification of expiration of site content shall be received by content owners through notifications available via the CMS, including a dashboard administrative display and e-mail notifications. The dashboard should also detail the dates for when specific content was last updated and allow for notifications when certain time periods are reached.
3.5.3 Content Management – A way to add, edit and move content directly on an assigned webpage without the need to utilize or be trained on a back-end administrative system (i.e. HTML).
3.5.4 Content Preview – Content publishers must have the ability to preview changes prior to publishing on the site.
3.5.5 Content Scheduling – Content added to the site, whether as part of page content or additions to plug-in applications or modular elements shall feature delayed posting and automatic expiration abilities.
3.5.6 Hyperlinking – Users who wish to add simple links – either internal or external – should be provided with an option to do so through an automatic hyperlinking option.
3.5.7 Menu Updates – Content publishers should be able to add and update menu items if assigned the appropriate permission level.
3.5.8 Online Help and Training Videos – 24/7 access to support materials including, but not limited to: online training manuals, support FAQs, customer support forums, instructional videos, informational newsletters, informational and support-driven webinars (live and archived), request forms, online education courses and support-related updates through common social networking mediums.
3.5.9 Page Templates
3.5.1 Content publishers must have the option to use pre-created page templates to assist in the formatting and development of new content.
3.5.2 Content publishers should have the ability to place widgets or content blocks on page templates that serve specific purposes and streamline the template building process. Widgets can represent any key function such as calendars, directory, e-notification, FAQs, search, etc. Widgets should have settings to customize their look and function to meet specific needs.
3.5.3 Content publishers must have the option to share templates with and use templates from a wider community pool which shares consistent page development.
3.5.10 PDF Conversion – Ability to convert documents to PDFs via an included PDF conversion tool.
3.5.11 Spell Check – Editor should include spell-check functionality.
3.5.12 Support Access – Trained content creators of the CMS shall have access to live support via e-mail or phone during vendor’s normal business hours.
3.5.13 WYSIWYG Editor – The CMS must have an advanced WYSIWYG rich text editor for content additions and updates that, while allowing flexibility for higher-end content contributors, is simple and straightforward, giving basic content contributors a basic set of fewer options to alter established site styles.

The system shall also include the following features for use by administrative users:

3.5.14 Approval Workflow – The ability to manage administrative access to the site through a permission system that defines in-system rights and workflows including content approval for both general content and modular applications that are included as a part of the CMS. Administrators should be able to define the workflow, assign the workflow to content groups and content types, and assign users to workflow rules. The system should support three or more approval levels.
3.5.15 CMS Activity Reporting – A report detailing all changes and activity taking place on the website through content contributors and administrators, which can be filtered by start and end dates, times, by content type and by action taken, and exportable.
3.5.16 Content Categories – Administrators shall have the ability to create content categories within CMS applications and modules and edit the parameters for categories.
3.5.17 Emergency Live Support – Designated administrators shall have access to live support for emergencies. Please specify the timeframes for emergency support.
3.5.18 Graphics Administration – Administration of on-site banners and graphics, with the ability to add new banners and on-site graphical elements and assign those elements to specified areas of the site
3.5.19 Login History – A separate history report detailing user login history, including the user type, the date and time of the attempted login, the IP address of the user and whether or not the login attempt was successful.
3.5.20 Menu Administration – Administrators shall have the ability to add, edit, update and move menu items, affecting overall site structure and organization.
3.5.21 Permissions – The permission system shall be divisible into both user administration and group administration, allowing permission levels to be attributed to groups to which users can be added.
3.5.22 User-friendly URLS – System should allow for creation of user-friendly URLs

3.6 System Administration
3.6.0 Broken Link Review – An administrative center for reviewing quality assurance, including detailing broken links on the website, including the referring page location so that links can be corrected.
3.6.1 Dynamic Menu Structure – A dynamic menu structure, with the ability to easily add, edit, move and delete menu items in multiple structural areas of the site.
3.6.2 Infinite Menu Levels – An infinite menu level system that allows the addition of an unlimited number of menu levels by the City of Tecumseh.
3.6.3 Infinite Page Structure – An infinite page structure system that allows the addition of an unlimited number of pages by the City of Tecumseh.
3.6.4 SSL Certificate – If necessary, one or more SSL certificates to encrypt data contained in site transmissions.
3.6.5 Website Analytics – An administrative center for reviewing, filtering and exporting overall website statistics, including the ability to view statistics by page or section and presenting the information in a graphical representation.

3.7 CMS Core Features
3.7.0 Accessibility Add-ons – Accessibility software embedded in the website that offers users access to larger fonts and audible content
3.7.1 Active Directory Integration – The solution should have Active Directory integration for authentication.
3.7.2 Advanced Site Search – Provide an internal site search that:
3.7.1 Users should be able to sort search results by date, content, title or relevance; users should be able to filter by type of content and easily apply advanced search techniques, such as Boolean, if desired.
3.7.2 Administrators should be able to tune the search results by using synonyms for common words or terms, and promote pages through the use of keywords.
3.7.3 Search functionality should search web content as well as the contents of files (PDFs, Word Documents, etc.)
3.7.4 Is contained exclusively within the City of Tecumseh’s site and not outsourced to an external page hosted by a search provider such as Google.
3.7.3 APIs, Import and Export – Major components should have import and export capabilities to ease in migration and to reduce the amount of data re-entry, and APIs should be defined for key components.
3.7.4 Apply for Permits – Solution should have the capability for citizens to apply for permits and the ability to electronically track the different stages of the application process. Ability to integrate this process with the CRM managed processes already in place.
3.7.5 Blogging – Solution should allow the creation of multiple blogs to be used by different individuals or departments within our organization. Blogging functionality should include the ability to tag or categorize posts, include a calendar and commenting functions.
3.7.6 Business Directory – Solution should have a local business directory that can be used to promote local industry and businesses. The directory should be an interactive index which can include name, address, link, photo, etc. Business information should be able to be entered by our staff, submitted by the business (subject to approval), or imported from another source.
3.7.7 Calendar – Users should have quick and easy access to add, import, export and update calendar listings, with editing methods available through a direct, front-end interface or a robust back- end interface.
3.7.8 Citizen Request Management Tool – Solution should have a citizen request module that allows citizens to submit requests using quick and easy forms and provides online progress tracking. Administrative side of solution should allow for creating rule-based workflow and automatic deadline notification.
3.7.9 Contact Us Form – Capability for citizens to contact City of Tecumseh staff through the use of a “contact us” form on the site for each division and department.
3.7.10 Department/Division Pages – A-Z Guide and Department/Division pages for navigating the site will be available, but as a secondary option; primary site organization will be citizen centric and function based.
3.7.11 Document Archive – A document archive for specified categories of documents with built-in filtering abilities and search capabilities.
3.7.12 Document Storage – An on-site document storage application with unlimited levels of folders, providing centralized storage of any type of file.
3.7.13 E-Notifications – Want a tool that provides a sign-up box allowing users to add their email addresses to receive important notices. Users should be able to set their preferences and should have their sign-up validated via a confirmation email. Functionality should be integrated with calendar, job postings, news, and RFP postings.
3.7.14 E-Newsletter – Solution should have E-newsletter tool functionality.
3.7.15 Embedded Audio/Video/Media and Social Media – Easy embedding of audio, video, media and social-networking applications with associated embed codes.
3.7.16 Emergency Alert – Solution should have an easily visible and changeable emergency alert notifications that link to critical on-site information.
3.7.17 Emergency Home Page – Solution should have ability to create and easily swap out home page for emergencies, voting results or other short-term purposes.
3.7.18 Event Calendar – An event calendar application that allows an unlimited number of calendar categories or types to be added to the site, with an unlimited number of items allowed to be added within each individual category. The following features should also be available:

3.7.1 Capability to set up calendar events as single or recurring events, with options for daily, weekly, monthly or annual recurrences.
3.7.2 Calendar events shall provide space for full descriptions including the ability to post images, tables and video within the description.
3.7.3 The site visitor shall be able to view calendars by a list of events, a week view or a month view.
3.7.4 Calendars shall be filterable by category, a start date and an end date, with the ability to search for keywords.
3.7.5 Ability for site visitors to subscribe to updates from individual calendar categories through e-mail (HTML or plain-text) or SMS text messages.
3.7.19 Event Registration – Capability for citizens to easily register for events, classes and/or make appointments on the website. Registration for appointments must be secure so that registrant information is not publicly available. Ability to pay online for events that have a cost associated with them.
3.7.20 Extranet – The solution should have the capability to deliver an extranet or password protected area of the website available only to those users approved to access secure content.
3.7.21 Facilities Reservation – Solution should have an online reservation function to make it convenient for visitors and residents to schedule local facilities.
3.7.22 FAQ Tool – Solution should have a FAQ application that allows an unlimited number of FAQ categories or types to be added to the site, with an unlimited number of items allowed to be added within each individual category.
3.7.23 Form Creator – Solution should have an online form development tool for the City of Tecumseh to develop interactive forms:
3.7.1 Ability to have unlimited categories of forms, with an unlimited number of forms in each category.
3.7.2 Ability for citizens to complete and submit forms electronically.
3.7.3 Method by which form data is stored in a database and can be exported in a usable format from the CMS.
3.7.4 Capability to merge forms with other applications of the CMS.
3.7.5 Ability to customize forms for other applications of the CMS and tie directly into those tools.
3.7.6 Ability to customize forms to accept and process payments through integrated e-commerce functionality with or without the need to connect to a third-party software source. Ability to import items from forms available via third party sources (state agencies) and replicate on City of Tecumseh forms.
3.6.24 GIS Mapping – Ability to integrate with the City of Tecumseh’s GIS mapping applications.
3.6.25 HTML Code – The solution should have the capability to view the HTML code of any individual page and directly add or alter the code as necessary.
3.6.26 iFrame Functionality – The solution should have iFrame functionality to seamlessly embed other documents within any HTML page. Examples of embedded content include videos, third party applications, Slideshare documents, etc.
3.6.27 Image Management – Image management tools for the addition of images to on-site content through web pages and modular elements associated with the CMS. Image editing abilities on uploaded images, including the ability to change opacity, resize images dynamically based on width and height, ability to constrain proportions, flip images, rotate images, crop images, restore images and save altered images as a thumbnail or alteration of the original upload or to replace the original upload with the altered image. Capacity to upload multiple images at one time and associate images with specific pages; the maximum file size should be no less than two (2) megabytes. Ability to preview images prior to association with on-site content. Ability to alter image properties, including image width, image height, capability to associate or disassociate width and height, border color, border width, image alignment, margins and application of CSS classes from overall website styles. Full accessibility options provided in an easy-to-use interface that promotes all image-based aspects relating to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, including specification of alternate text and long descriptions.
3.6.28 Intranet – As an option, the solution should have a “true” intranet that can be implemented and hosted on our servers behind our firewall for increased privacy and security of our internal data. The intranet solution should leverage the same content management system and allow us to share content easily with our public website without having to duplicate data. The intranet should contain the following: document storage, news, calendar, forms, staff directory and workflow. We understand that the intranet may include an additional setup and maintenance fee, and is not necessarily in the current scope.
3.6.29 Job Posts – One of the most popular pages on most local government sites is the job posting page. The solution should have a component to simplify the job posting process to reduce overall HR administrative time and costs. Users should be able to filter available positions by category, type of position, posting date and salary. Administrators should be able to define categories and classification of job posting.
3.6.30 Job Application Manager – The solution should have a module that helps government hiring managers save time by streamlining and simplifying the creation, customization and management of online job applications. Functionality should include the ability to create application questions, mark questions as sensitive and encrypt answers, email templating to send customized notifications to applicants, personalized login accounts for job seekers to view the status of their application, and filter capabilities to create and view application lists on date, status and other parameters.
3.6.31 Language Translation – Solution should have functionality to have multiple language translations. Specifically, we would like to include the following languages in our solution: define specific languages here
3.6.32 Mapping – Solution should include image mapping tools to create clickable maps or images with multiple hyperlinked points
3.6.33 Mega Menus – The solution should provide capability to design and develop fully-customizable mega menus, including options to define the number of levels of navigation, columns and the ability to place widgets (images, content and calendars) on the menu. Mega Menus should be unique to each main navigation item.
3.6.34 Meetings Manager – The solution should have a module that allows staff to efficiently manage council and commission meeting process including the ability to submit meeting agenda items, build agendas and log minutes. Functionality should include the ability to create different types of meetings and items, customizable approval workflows and an agenda builder with drag-and-drop feature to organize finalize an agenda.
3.6.35 Mobile Design Editor – While responsive design should make our site viewable across all devices, there may be times where we will want to adjust content to make it easier to read and to improve usability on smaller screens. The solution have the ability to preview, design and customize a better user experience for mobile users by allowing us to move, hide and reorder content to create an optimized mobile view of our website.
3.6.36 News Posting – The solution should have the ability for use to post press releases, features stories and “what’s new” content on the site. News content should have an auto archiving functionality to archive posts after a certain time frame. The News should also have RSS feeds automatically available if desired by website visitors.
3.6.37 Online Payments – The solution should have an integrated online payment functionality where transaction information can be directly transmitted securely to a third-part vendor who would then process the credit card or e-check, and remit the funds into a specific bank account. Transactions should be logged into a local database for reconciliation and reporting purposes. For security purposes, credit card and confidential financial information should not be stored on the system. The solution should integrate with online forms.
3.6.38 Online Polling – The solution should have the ability to create and provide a poll on the website. Depending on the poll settings, the poll will appear on the public website inside a polls widget. The functionality should include the ability to add, edit, import, export and copy the poll. The admin should be able to define poll categories and capture/display poll results.
3.6.39 Photo Slideshows – Creation of slideshows using multiple images and common tools found in the image management portion of the website CMS. This includes the ability to alter the order, speed, transition type, duration and layout of on- site slideshows.
3.6.40 Remote Login and Update – Secure access for employees to work remotely and/or update the site through the use of a mobile device.
3.6.41 RFP Posts – Should include an RFP postings where RFPs can be posted along with amendments and updates. RFPs should be schedulable and should have the capability to automatically expire on a certain date to ensure that the site is always up-to-date.
3.6.42 RSS Feeds – Solution should have feeds to keep users and subscribers up-to-date on important events, news and announcements from the website. Users should be able to subscribe from any RSS reader.
3.6.43 Service Directory – A service directory organizes the functions of an organization instead of departments. This is key to serving the needs of the community by letting users search by topic or services. The service directory should allow users to search by keyword and should filter by category.
3.6.44 Single Sign-on – Should have a component where registered users can log in, view and update their information, all from their dashboard. Registered members can be added through the CMS, imported from a spreadsheet or users can add themselves via the frontend user interface.
3.6.45 Social Media Integration – Integrate Twitter and Facebook feeds and other social tools, including the ability to comment on specific pages and/or events through social media.
3.6.46 Social Media Posting – Should be able to post to Twitter and Facebook directly from the CMS for news, events and blog posts. The functionality should include the ability to customize messages and images in the post, schedule posts for any time, post to multiple accounts and track posts in a calendar or list view.
3.6.47 Staff Directory – A staff directory with unlimited levels of divisions, departments and groups, with options for expanded staff biographies and images; e-mail addresses associated with directory listings shall be automatically obscured from automated methods e-mail collection.
3.6.48 Streaming Video Center – Provide capability for storing video for up to 25 meetings per year with an average of 4 hours per meeting, and 120 hours of specialty content per year.
3.6.49 Tagging – Ability to tag any content and search, sort or view based on those tags.
3.6.50 Third Party Integration – Ability to integrate with existing 3rd party applications
3.6.51 User-centered Content – Organization of the site content will be functional and user-centered for ease of use by citizens and business.

3.7 Ongoing Services
We are interesting in understanding the ongoing services that you provide to all customers, such as:
3.7.1 Access to On-Demand Training Library – Do you have an on-demand library of training videos and materials?
3.7.2 Annual Consulting Hours or Credits – Do you offer a certain number of consulting hours as part of the base annual fee? Can these consulting hours be used each to help us keep our website fresh and engaging? For example, we may have some mini-projects such as creating or redesigning buttons, refreshing images, etc.
3.7.3 Free Website Re-Design – Do you offer a free site refresh at the end of our 4-year contract? What is included in the free re-design?
3.7.4 Training and Best Practice Webinars – Do you offer regular training and best practice webinars? Are these webinars recorded and viewable at a later date?

3.8 Technology/Platform Requirements
3.8.1 Browser Support – The City of Tecumseh is looking for the new website to support mobile and desktop versions of Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. The site should support all versions of the browsers that have been released within the last 5 years.
3.8.2 DDoS Mitigation – The hosted solution should protect the website against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and other cyberattacks, and should be able to detect and mitigate malicious traffic within seconds. The solution should have smart-detection technology that can identify the source and analyze the behavior of the attack.
3.8.3 Disaster Recovery – In the event of any outage impacting the primary data center, the hosting solution must have a disaster recovery or backup data center where our website visitors will continue to be able to access our site. The Recovery Time Objective (RTO) should be 90 minutes or less and the data replication (Recovery Point Object or RPO) should be 15 minutes or less.
3.8.4 Hosting Data Center and Backup Data Center – The hosting platform must be in a certified data center (SSAE 16 Type II Compliant) with multiple layers of security access, redundant ISP providers, backup power and redundant generator, and firewall protection.
3.8.5 Page Load Time – The solution should ensure that pages load on an average of 1.5 seconds of less.
3.8.6 Programming Experience – Explain your firm’s experience with other programming capabilities that would be useful in developing websites.
3.8.7 Responsive CMS Recommendation – The City of Tecumseh is looking to have the vendor recommend a content management system. Explain your firm’s experience utilizing recommended CMS in designing responsive websites.
3.8.8 System Uptime Guarantee – The hosting platform should have a guaranteed uptime of 99.9% and be backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA).
3.8.9 Third Party Plugins – The City of Tecumseh will allow the vendor to use third-party plugins where appropriate as potential solutions for a requirement.
3.8.10 Web and Database Servers – Preference will be given to vendors that split website management between web servers and SQL database servers in order to optimize load time and efficiency in the hosting environment.

3.9 Maintenance and Support
The vendor’s CMS, including all features and modular applications associated with the CMS, must have qualified and available support included as a part of ongoing services to maintain the CMS, using guidelines, structures and materials meeting the following criteria:

3.9.1 Account Reviews – Do you provide regular account reviews of our website, including helping us analyze our website analytics, reviewing our use of graphics and determining the overall health of our website?
3.9.2 Ongoing User Training – Do you provide free ongoing training to new and existing users?
3.9.3 Online Training Videos – An online repository of training videos for the purposes of fully training new staff members or retraining existing staff members.
3.9.4 Support – The vendor shall provide access to live support available via e-mail or phone during vendor’s normal business hours. The support team must be fluent in the functionality and uses of both the content management system’s features and associate applications and modules. Is your technical support unlimited and do we have a dedicated support manager?
3.9.5 Support Materials – 24/7 access to support materials including, but not limited to: online training manuals, support FAQs, customer support forums, instructional videos, informational newsletters, informational and support-driven webinars (live and archived), request forms, online education courses and support-related updates through common social networking mediums.
3.9.6 Support Service Level Agreement – In all submitted proposals, vendors shall be able to produce a Service Level Agreement that details guarantees of customer support as well as a service escalation process.
3.9.7 Training and Best Practice Webinars – Do you regularly provide free training webinars focusing on functionality, best practice and industry trends?

While website content updates are to be managed by the City of Tecumseh through the CMS, vendor must commit to regular maintenance and updating of the CMS and associated applications for the purposes of keeping the existing software up-to- date as well as introducing new functionality and applications.

Vendor shall commit to:

3.9.8 CMS Development Process – An internal process dedicated to reviewing new technologies and implementing development projects in order to provide a more robust CMS with additional features and applications.
3.9.9 CMS Improvements – Regular maintenance of the CMS to improve existing functionality and, when appropriate, take the City of Tecumseh’s requests into consideration.
3.9.10 CMS New Features – We want our vendor to continue to upgrade and bring new functionality to their CMS. Explain how you provide regular upgrades to your solution that strengthen and update the CMS’s functionality and associated applications.
3.9.11 Software Service Level Agreement – In all submitted proposals, vendors shall be able to produce a Service Level Agreement that details guarantees of upgrades and the dedicated process for improving the software purchased by the City of Tecumseh.

3.10 Optional Services
Although we have identified specific requirements, we are also interested in your ideas for the approach of redesigning the style of the our website. We encourage respondents to consider and propose alternative solutions and recommendations. We are particularly interested in specific web functionality that your company may have already developed and deployed for other customers, including:
3.10.1 Accessibility Consulting – Do you offer any assistance with helping us comply with accessibility issues and creating accessible content?
3.10.2 Advanced Design Options – Do you offer any advanced design options that would deliver cutting-edge or unique design patterns, such as video background, anchor scrolling, parallax scrolling or tiles/cards?
3.10.3 Advanced Website User Experience Analysis – Do you offer any advanced services to provide an in-depth analysis of our user’s needs and expectations?
3.10.4 Advanced Training – Do you offer any advanced training or onsite training options beyond the base package? Or do you offer an annual refresher training for existing and new users who may have missed the original training?
3.10.5 Content Strategy – Do you offer any advanced training or assistance to help us with managing our content, working with users to write in the plain language style or review our existing content?
3.10.6 Customized Mobile Design – Do you offer a customized mobile design that mimics a smartphone application?
3.10.7 Dedicated Account Manager – Do you offer an option to have a dedicated account manager to contact for any support issues?
3.10.8 Departmental Branding – Do you offer any separate packages or services that will allow us to have different design themes or subsites for some of our key departments or related entities? Some differentiators would include department logo in header, unique color scheme and background, separate font style, custom page templates, custom wireframe, new custom widgets, separate navigation and menus, different header and footer configurations, standalone search and separate Google analytics.
3.10.9 Health Check Analysis – Do you offer any ongoing services to help us monitor the health and usefulness of our site?
3.10.10 Homepage Themes – Do you offer the ability to present users with alternative home page options, that change by season or time of day?
3.10.11 Intranet – Do you offer an separate intranet option that we could install behind our firewall, but let us leverage our knowledge of your CMS while sharing key data and information?
3.10.12 Monthly Office Hours – Do you offer monthly office hours where we can call in during a set time to get answers to non-critical issues?
3.10.13 New User Training Webinars – Do you offer scheduled or periodic training webinars for new users?
3.10.14 Premium Disaster Recovery – Do you offer a premium disaster recovery solution beyond your base package that would give us 99.99% uptime guarantee and less than 5 minute recovery time?
3.10.15 Site Analytics Reporting – Do you offer ongoing assistance with helping us analyze our site statistics and recommending changes to make sure our website continues to meet our users’ needs?

4 Evaluation of Proposals

4.1 Evaluation of Submitted Proposals
The City of Tecumseh intends to conduct a comprehensive, fair and impartial evaluation of proposals received in response to this RFP. All proposals that are properly submitted will be evaluated using the evaluation criteria listed below. All proposals that are properly submitted will be evaluated by the Evaluation Committee that will make recommendations for the award.

4.2 Evaluation Criteria
define your evaluation criteria, here is a typical explanation of evaluation criteria
This set of criteria will be used to evaluate each vendor’s proposal. A contract will be awarded to the vendor that best satisfies the overall requirements of the RFP.

Each proposal will be evaluated based on the level of creativity, differentiation and measurability, listed in order of importance:
4.2.1 Long-term Strategic Outlook and Partnership (1%)
4.2.2 Management Qualifications (4%)
4.2.3 Approach to Website Redesign (1%)
4.2.4 Local Government Experience and Capacity (20%)
4.2.5 Client List and References (20%)
4.2.6 Features and Function of CMS (33%)
4.2.7 Technical and Hosting Expertise (20%)
4.2.8 Pricing (1%)

4.3 Evaluation
Proposals will be distributed to the members of the Evaluation Committee for evaluation utilizing the criteria set forth above.

4.4 Interviews and Demonstrations
We will consider the low bid first because of bidding process but we will also consider the references and content as well. Once we decide on company then it will be up to the City Council for the final decision on who is hired.

4.5 Recommendation for Award
After the interviews have been conducted, the Evaluation Committee shall recommend to the IT Director the Successful Vendor, based on the outcome of the interview process. The IT Director reserves the right to make an award, not to make an award or to cancel this RFP either before or after the date of the RFP response deadline.

4.6 Contract Discussions
Upon approval by the committee, the City of Tecumseh shall enter into contract discussions with the Successful Vendor. If the terms and conditions of a contract cannot be successfully established within a reasonable amount of time (as determined by the City of Tecumseh), then contract discussions will be terminated and contract discussions with the next highest ranking Vendor will commence. Negotiations shall continue at the sole option of the City of Tecumseh until a contract is signed and approved or all proposals are rejected and the RFP is withdrawn.

4.7 Notice of Award
All vendors submitting a response to this RFP will be notified in writing of the award of a contract if and when an award is made. If no award is made, all vendors will be notified accordingly. For the purposes of this RFP, an award shall be deemed to have been made upon the completion of contract negotiations.

5 Vendor Qualifications and Obligations
All questions contained in this RFP must be answered. Failure by a vendor to answer all questions may result in the proposal being rejected.

5.1 Documents to Be Submitted
Vendor must submit the following information to be considered (include the corresponding item number with each response):

5.1.1 Executive Summary
Summarize on one page or less the key products and services you are proposing. Explain which RFP requirements these products are intended to meet and the benefits if we use these products and services.
Summarize your overall strategy and approach for delivering web redesign and development projects.

5.1.2 Corporate Profile
Provide a brief overview of your firm’s history and philosophy.
State the year the vendor started in the business of selling CMS solutions and web design services.
Where is the vendor company’s headquarters located?
Describe the process of how your company works with remote customers
Provide the total number of vendor’s employees and the number of employees in user experience and web design.
List the vendor’s sales in the previous four years
Specify the number of public sector vs. private sector clients.
Indicate whether the business is a parent or subsidiary.
What percentage of revenues does this offered product represent to your company versus other products and/or services?
Indicate if the company incurred an annual operating loss in the last 5 years.
Has the company had a workforce reduction during the past 5 years?

5.1.3 Vendor System Information
For hosted solutions, describe your hardware and software configuration as Attachment A.
Describe the architecture, languages and tools used to develop your proposed solution.
Provide details on the licensing requirements and a copy of software license agreements as Attachment B in your response.
Describe your DDoS Mitigation solution.
Describe your disaster recovery solution, including Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

5.1.4 Services and Implementation
Provide an in-depth list of your firm’s capabilities.
Explain your firm’s experience in developing responsive websites.
Describe your organization’s experience with implementing multi-lingual websites.
Describe your process for website redesign, including how you apply user experience techniques to understand the uniqueness of our community and users
Identify what uniquely distinguishes your offering from your competitors.
Describe your experience in implementing public sector and local government market solutions.
Describe your implementation approach, project management tools and methodologies for the proposed solution.
Submit a detailed implementation plan which will address requirements, customizations, content migration, implementation schedule, delivery milestones and responsibilities for each party as Attachment C in your response.
Describe any optional services that could be included with our solution:
• Advanced training
• Content strategy
• Departmental branded pages
• Intranet
• Premium disaster recovery
• Site health checks
• Site analytics reporting
• Site improvement credits
• Separate sub-sites

5.1.5 Client Examples
Provide three examples of responsive websites your firm has developed. Clearly explain the design objectives, the outcome and whether your firm managed the entire site or specific modules or applications within the site
Provide three client references in your proposal, including a current contact name, organization name, phone number and email.

5.1.6 Project Team
The success of the design and implementation depends on several factors including experienced project management, a planned approach and coordination of content population. The selected vendor must provide an experienced project manager to lead the implementation process.
Define the process, project management and team structure that would execute this type of solution.
Define the interim project reviews you will utilize to gain team, management and key stakeholder buy-in and approval to move to the next phase of the project.
Define and describe the team members that would execute a project for the City of Tecumseh. Identify their experience, roles and length of time with your organization. Specify the primary point of contact.
Define how your process manages or mitigates client changes throughout the life of a project.

5.1.7 Documentation
Provide a list of the technical documentation the vendor will provide prior to the conclusion of the project.
How often is documentation updated?
Is online assistance available with your system?

5.1.8 Training
Describe the training that accompanies the system implementation.
What types of training materials are provided?
Do you offer on-site training?
Do you offer train-the-trainer classes?
Describe your training staff’s qualifications and experience.

5.1.9 Software Support and Maintenance
Describe the software support/maintenance programs available.
Does the maintenance program include all future software upgrades?
Describe the hours of support you provide? Where is it located? Is it staffed by your own employees or is it a third-party facility? Briefly discuss technical support staffing numbers, staff experience, etc.
Describe your service call escalation policy.
What are recommended client staffing requirements for ongoing support of the proposed solution? Discuss in terms of full-time equivalents (FTEs).
Do you have a guaranteed uptime? Describe your service level agreement for uptime.

5.1.10 Warranty

The City of Tecumseh requires that a warranty be included with the proposed solution.
Describe the warranty offered with your proposed solution.
Do the same support commitments apply during the warranty period as during the maintenance contract period?
5.1.11 Costs

The City of Tecumseh prefers a firm quote on the full website redesign, development and hosting. Given that statement, we also want to insure a competitive bid from each potential vendor.

If your firm prefers to provide a firm quotation covering only certain phases of this type of project, insure that each phase is fully and clearly described and is denoted as a firm or budgetary quotation. At minimum, it is required that each vendor provides a budgetary proposal for the full scope of the work described in this RFP.

Provide detailed pricing information for the proposed solution. Include list prices and discounted prices. Only include licenses as required for the different roles of users (administrator, view only, etc.). Break pricing down by project phases if appropriate.

Services and Support Costs
Implementation of Web Site Design
Implementation Services
Training Services
Software Support and Maintenance
Hourly billing rates for each job classification that will or could be utilized during the project and/or post “go-live”.
Other Services and Costs (Specify)

Ongoing Costs
Annual Hosting or Subscription Fee
Hourly Rates for custom development
Other ongoing costs

Optional Costs
Provide a brief description and cost associated with options provided under Section 3.10.

5.2 Pending Litigation
Vendors must list and summarize all pending or threatened litigation, administrative or regulatory proceedings or similar matters. The Successful Vendor shall have a continuing obligation to disclose any such actions during the period of this RFP process and any contract resulting from this RFP.

6 Submission Format and Delivery Requirements

6.1 Proposal Response Delivery
Hard copy only due back to City Clerk by June 26, 2019 by 9:00 a.m. @ 114 N Broadway, Tecumseh, Oklahoma 74873

6.2 Date and Hour of Submission
Response must be received on or before June 26. 2019 at 9:00 a.m.. Any proposal that has not been received at the above address by 9:00 a.m. on June 26, 2019 shall be disqualified from further consideration.

6.3 Acceptance or Rejection of Submissions
The City of Tecumseh reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, to waive technicalities or irregularities and to accept any proposal it determines to be in the City of Tecumseh’s best interest. The acceptance of any proposal submission shall not in any way cause the City of Tecumseh to incur any liability or obligation to vendor, financial or otherwise. The City of Tecumseh may cancel the RFP in whole or part without making any award at its sole discretion, without any liability being incurred by the City of Tecumseh to any vendor for any expense, cost, loss or damage incurred or suffered by the vendor as a result of such withdrawal.

6.4 Costs for Document Development
Costs for developing the response to this RFP are entirely the responsibility of the proposing party and shall not be chargeable in any manner to the City of Tecumseh. All Vendors agree to provide all such additional information as, and when, requested at their own expense. No vendor in supplying such information shall be allowed to change the pricing or other cost quotations originally submitted.

6.5 Proposal Validity
A proposal submitted in response to this RFP is irrevocable for 90 days from the date of submission. The City of Tecumseh reserves the right to withdraw a bid acceptance at any time if in the opinion of the City of Tecumseh the vendor is unwilling or unable to enter into a form of contract satisfactory to the City of Tecumseh. Acceptance will be defined as the enti ty selecting you as our provider of service for the intent of negotiating a contract for services.

6.6 Contract Evaluation and Award
The City of Tecumseh reserves the right to execute any of the following options:
• Issue no contract award for any of the services described within this RFP.
• Award all services to one vendor.
• Issue contract awards for any combination of services and vendor, either all of part of the business as the City of Tecumseh sees fit.
• The City of Tecumseh is not obligated to accept the lowest price or most technologically advanced proposal.

The City of Tecumseh has no obligation to reveal the basis for contract award or to provide any information to vendors relative to the evaluation or decision-making process. All participating vendors will be notified promptly of bid acceptance or rejection.

7 Contract Negotiation and Execution
It is the intent of the City of Tecumseh that after the successful vendor has been selected, the City of Tecumseh and the selected vendor will enter into contract negotiations containing all terms and conditions of the proposed service. Any acceptance of a proposal is contingent upon the execution of a written contract and the City of Tecumseh shall not be contractually bound to any bidder prior to the execution of such written contractual agreement. The contents of the bid submitted shall become part of the contractual obligation and incorporated by reference into the ensuing contract. The contract with a successful vendor will include penalties for non-performance and failure to meet the proposal implementation schedule.

Contract execution is contingent upon approval by the City of Tecumseh’s Governing Body.

7.1 Proposal Submission Certification
By submitting a proposal, vendor certifies that he or she has carefully examined all the documents for the project and has carefully and thoroughly reviewed this RFP, and understands the nature and scope of the work to be done and the terms and conditions thereof. The vendor further agrees that the performance time specified is a reasonable time.

7.2 Insurance Requirements
The acceptance of a bid proposal is contingent on vendor providing satisfactory proof that the vendor has adequate insurance coverage. It is in the City of Tecumseh’s sole discretion the amount of insurance coverage required for the period of work under this contract.


MAY 15, 2019
4:00 P.M.

1. Call meeting to order
2. Roll call
3. Discussion and possible action on the Proclamation declaring an emergency pursuant to the emergency management policy to facilitate repairs to the facilities at Tecumseh lake.
4. Adjournment.

Posted May 13, 2019
3:00 p.m.

Cathy Condit, City Clerk

MAY 15, 2019

1. Call meeting to order.
2. Roll Call
3. Discussion and possible action on the Proclamation declaring an emergency pursuant to the emergency management policy to facilitate repairs to the facilities at Tecumseh lake.
4. Adjournment

Posted May 13, 2019
3:00 p.m.

Cathy Condit, Secretary



12/6/2017 1:00PM

The City of Tecumseh is now accepting sealed bids for the items listed below.

Sealed bids must be in the Administration office at City Hall no later than 2pm central time on Thursday, December 21, 2017.

- 1 piece Saturn Playground Equipment
- 2 9 1/2 × 24 tractor tires with rims
- 5 Fire Hydrant Barrels (Highest bidder gets first choice)

Pictures of items are below.


Please contact the City Hall Administration at (405)598-2180 for any questions.



Crosswalks on Highway 9 to be installed.

High Intensity Activated Crosswalk Signal (HAWK)
(Also known as a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon)
A HAWK acts like a traffic signal and is designed to catch drivers’ attention at pedestrian crosswalks and improve safety.
Because a HAWK operates similarly to a regular traffic signal, both drivers and pedestrians already have the skill set to respond easily and quickly, but they do not require traffic to stop unless a pedestrian needs to cross.


There are several informative videos on the internet that show how HAWKs work. One example can be found at: